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The Docklands History Group is the leading history group for the study of the Port of London and the tidal River Thames.  Among its membership are people with a long-standing interest in port and river-history who have published widely on the subject.

The Group holds regular monthly meetings, hosts annual conferences and publishes associated Proceedings

If you would like to join the Group, please Click Here to go to Join Us page.


It is hoped that this conference on  London’s Sailortowns  which was originally scheduled for May this year will now take place in May next year.  Please Click Here  to take you to the conference page for further details.

The Group organises seminars for new researchers.  We are currently looking for speakers and a programme organiser for our  seminar which will take place in November 2021.


The Docklands History Group is now developing a programme of publications.  The second of these is: London and the Whaling Trade. Copies of our first publication, The Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on Shipbuilding on the Thames are also available.  

For further details on these including how to order and information on other publications please Click Here to go to Publications Page.


The Docklands History Group meets on the first Wednesday of each month except January.  Other than when there are visits to historic sites, the meetings are usually held at: - The Museum of London Docklands, No.1 Warehouse, West India Quay, Hertsmere Road,, London E14 4AL.


Please regularly check website for further updates to programme that may become necessary.

For full details of the activities for the current year, please Click Here to go to Programme of Events.


The photographs which are displayed in this website are copied from the PLA Collection which is now housed in the Museum of London Docklands

Note:  Sometimes you may find some of the pages on this website are not up-to-date.  This could be due to the browser you are using.  If this happens, press Ctrl  F5 on your keyboard which should update the page.  

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New Researchers  Seminar