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In the year 2000, a conference on the much neglected subject of shipbuilding on the Thames was held at the former shipyard at Nelson Dock.  This was organised by Stuart Rankin.  Although the size of the event was severely limited by the size of the venue, it was a great success and it was decided to that further conferences on the subject should be held.  Three more were organised, two by Roger Owen and one by Rif Winfield.  The Docklands History Group subsequently took over the organisation of these conferences and hosted their first in February  2012.   It published the proceedings of this is 2013.  Copies are still available.

 The following papers, read on that day, are included in the proceedings which were edited by Chris Ellmers.

Foreshore Archaeology:  Thames Shipbuilding and Breaking

Gustav Milne and Eliott Wragg

The Mysterie of the Shipwrights

Rodney Brown

Gordon and Company, Deptford:  Discovering a lost London Shipyard

Chris Ellmers

Artists and the Thames Shipyards

Pieter ven der Merve

Thames Sailing Barges and their Builders

Richard Hugh Perks

John Scott Russell and the Construction of HMS Warrior

Andrew Lambert

Maudslay, Sons and Field’s Greenwich Shipyard

Mary Mills

The Social and Economic Impact of the Closure of Thorneycroft’s Yard, Chiswick in 1909.

James Wisdom

These proceedings are available for £15 plus postage and packing  from the Docklands History Group. For details of how to order copies of the proceedings and costs of P&P please Click Here.

  Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on Shipbuilding on the Thames

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