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This conference, the second to be organised by the Group, took place in March 2013.  Although its role is now largely forgotten, London was, for a period of 250 years,  a major centre for the whaling trade.  London’s Arctic and South Sea Whaling trades employed hundreds of ships and many thousands of men and consumed capital resources worth millions of pounds both directly and in related supported services.  The conference covered a  wide range of subjects including the merchants involved in the trade, the Greenland Dock, the uses of the produce from the whale and some of the whales that were stranded in the River Thames.    The proceedings of this conference are now available to purchase from the Group.  They were edited by Chris Ellmers and Charles Payton.

The following papers, read on that day, are included in the proceedings:

An introduction to the London whaling industries

Janet West

Revealing London’s hidden whaling history:  An appreciation of A.G.E. Jone, whaling historian

Alex Werner

‘Diverse but Sparse:  London archaeological whale bones as ‘fingerprints’ of the past

Alan Pipe

‘A Place of Blubber and Oil’:  The Greenland Dock and the whaling trades

Chris Ellmers

‘In Whalebone Bondage Gall the Slender Waist’:  Fashionable uses of baleen

Beatrice Behlen

‘Curiously Carved’:  Scrimshaw and the South Sea Whale Fishery

Stuart Frank

The worlds of the Enderby Family

Charles Payton

The Bay Wharf Whale and early thames strandings

Kevin Rielly and Guy Thompson

These proceedings are available for £20 plus postage and packing.  For details of how to order these and costs of P&P please Click Here .

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